Uncover The Truth

Poem By Jennifer Rondeau

Sometime I think life is over,
But when I look behind your eyes I can uncover the truth you hide,
The lies you told me,
The things I believed,
But you never knew I can uncover your lies you have told me,
Uncover your dirty little secret you hide,
The deaths you have upon me will never end,
The lies you have told others will never end,
Its hard to believe the one you love can lie to you and shatter your heart into million pieces,
I have uncover the truth I seek,
Uncover the hate I feel,
You lead me to believe you are the one I love,
Lead me to think I loved you,
But in the end I get my heart broken.

Comments about Uncover The Truth

Uncovering truth is a fallacy of falling another lie behind. Any way, as a poem, well written. Enjoyed. Thanks.
The bitter truth. Loving and living both involve dying. Bravo, good poet.
Hi Ms Jennifer, Yes, truth is bitter; the dearer the truth, the more bitter it is- Leaves you heart-broken! Lovely expressions. Exquisite poetry. Congrats on being selected as poet of the day. Keep it up!
This is very interesting poem definitely. Love leads to think. Looking behind eyes and uncovering truth is really interesting...10..Congratulations! ..
It's very sad, but look up, there is hope!

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