Poem By Tatianna Rei Moonshadow

You've stripped me of myself
You've taken away my mask
I tried to hold onto it
But I lost my solid grasp
I don't know what to do
Without my mask I'm lost
I can't show my emotions now
I can't let myself go soft
What are you trying to do to me
Without my mask the sun will burn me to my bones
I can't show myself now
After I wore my mask of stone
My mask is who I am known as
A mask of drugs and booze
I can't be sober now
I can't show myself around you
When I'm not drunk your presence hurts
It burns me inside
So now when you call
All I can do is hide
I can't pick up the phone
And face your voice
Now that I know
I have to make a choice
Can I really tell you
Can I betray myself that much
I don't want to tell anyone
But I think its you I love

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