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Undaunted And Dauntless I Be
PEW ( / High Point, North Carolina, USA)

Undaunted And Dauntless I Be

When would there to say,
The stirring starts again on that day.
I will launch thd campaign as of old
That of Alexander and Napoleon
Was told!!!
But not for greed power or land! or lust!
But to win her precious heart,
That I must.
That French blood simmering down in me
Endearments of my lips,
Flying off a building on a kite,
Anything for the attention of this one and only
Will I put it crude (woman-it's you alone I need)
Or will I put it lewd:
To kiss each cheek of your butt, drink wine
Out of your navel, drop down on my knees,
Beg you for marriage, and have my babies.
Dauntless I will be nothing short
Of a thirty eight round will stop me!
Or will I try to overpower the one and only (she)
With rooms full of roses and endless poems
About her precious place for all to see!
When that French simmering undauntably
Comes to a boil, I must win her precious heart,
You see, because I am undaunted and dauntless I be.

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