JB (Aug.04,1988 / Nassau Bay, TX)


Undefined is the Voice of Culture,
the Voice of Youth,
the Voice of Reason.
It speaks in tones and tongues,
coordinating lavish rhythms with its new language.
Desire is the uttered call,
Death is the ever-aging response.

A collaboration of voices pierces the night air,
creating a forest-like density
only those attuned to it can withstand
or ignore.
They call out to the Night,
invoking It's ghastly secrets and
taking such horrors unto themselves.
The Night is a blessing,
the Night is a curse.

A mythic bond of serenity and hatred,
strengthened by the wail of a thousand broken dreams,
forms and pieces the Puzzle of Youth together.
This is what we are born for,
what we live for,
and what some will die for.

This is not Death,
but nor is it Life;
this is The End.

by Jacob Berg

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