the chaos outside
heart encircled

i am inside
washed in flames

the burning rises
taking me under

world in hunger
starving my soul

surviving the boundary
of my heaven, my hell

chaos swallows us
nowhere to hide

bathing in fire
head goes under

scorching my soul
with the light of god

this body purged
all just cinder

i breathe the flame
as free as air

flesh rising above
fire pulling me under

this place i found
turned inside out

luminous peace
resting in chaos

i kindle the light
shining from under


(written on St Lucia Day)

This poem is about finding your heaven in this hell were in. A meditation of centering as regardless of what state we are in. Allowing yourself to become the light of the fire that burns us until it shifts from burning us, to us fueling the new light to find the way to balance.

by Russ von Ohlhausen

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