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AS (22nd april 1986 / yanbu, saudi arabia)

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Poem By arundhati sinha

I heard of a girl
With plain brown eyes
And oh! So plain her hair
Every place she used to go
No one seemed to care

As the seasons passed her by
And brought her to the age
All she sought was an admiring eye
To lend her heart a cage

Her desire grew and grew and grew and grew
She did not accept defeat
Alas! Her suitors were less than few
Her demands they could not meet

Thus, the story beings
As oft told to young girls
Desire unchecked, of greed sings
One’s life, to despair it hurls

She prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed
To God to make her fair
In milk and petals of roses she’d wade
Into the mirror she’d stare

At the onset of spring it happened
Like a rose blooming late
Uncountable suitors with cages to lend
On their knees began to wait

In that crowd she began to seek
A man full of might
Whose one look make her weak
Rid her of any fright

Her desire, none would fulfil
None would evn hear
They looked and looked and looked and looked still
None understood her fear

Many eyes she won by beauty and grace
Their hearts all so hollow
She feared time would first take her face
And then they would follow.

She sought a heart
That would care
Of her life be a part
Even if she weren’t fair

More seasons passed her by
A madwoman, she began to trace
For an ear, which listened to her speak of the sky
A man who’d never see her face

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Comments (1)

A man who had never seen her face? Well Well... that sounds like Jason Rai.... Oops sorry abt that. Make that a happy ending