Under-Rated Pleasures

The golden sunlight, on your bed in the morning.
Yawning and stretching in the warm tawny sun
Like a contented purring cat.

A friend's smile, genuine and spontaneous
After an amusing comment you've made
It makes you feel top of the world.

Your favourite song, coming on the radio
And beginning to hum along
It can make your day

A thunderstorm - perhaps this is just me
The thunder, the lightning, the hammering rain
Just makes me feel so alive.

When someone you like a lot (more, maybe, than you care to admit)
Remembers your birthday, even drops a present round
The warm glow inside.

Each to be relished. Love life, while it lasts.

by Maddi Eden

Comments (2)

excellent deliver and structure. positive philosophy is a great message in my opinion. nice read. -Tailor B.
these are quite under-rated pleasures. simple joys are the best. keep up, Hannah!