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Under The Bridge
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Under The Bridge

Poem By Ray Lucero

He walks through dark woods in quiet of night,
As bats and barn owls launch into flight

Crickets and frogs beginning to prattle,
Swarming mosquito’s prepare for battle

Night sounds humming a haunting refrain,
Clouds above darken, begins a soft rain

He zips up his jacket, turns up torn collar,
Curses Goodwill jacket that cost but a dollar

A trickle of water runs down his bare neck,
Shuddering, chilled…'My life’s such a wreck'

No money, prospects, no one that cares,
Walks unfriendly streets, ignoring cold stares

How long has it been since he left home, fled?
10 years have gone by without a real bed

Raging Step-Father hurt him in more ways than one,
Treated more like a dog than respected Step-Son

“Some day he'll answer for sins against me, ”
“Excuses won’t help, there will be no place to flee'

Shuddering again, he treads toward the bridge,
A short distance ahead just over a ridge

At long last he’s made it to safety again,
“My shelter, my haven, my best friend”

He gathers dry kindling, gropes for a match,
Patiently waits for a small flame to catch

Campfire roaring, wet clothes will soon dry,
Twists off wine screw-top, it’s time to get high


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Comments (5)

This brought back memories of growing up in the city.We've all seen them and I often found myself wondering who they are and how they ended up so alone.A very nice poem, so sad but true...
Ah this is sad Ray, left me with an upsidedown smile. Moyax
What a sad poem.........yet this is so common today. It breaks my heart to think people actually live like this. What a shame that there aren't enough people helping them. Powerful poem Ray. Sincerely, Mary
Ray, I LOVE this poem! Well done. I recently wrote one similar to it called 'The Drifter' inspired by my recent trip to San Francisco. Makes me sad. S
A truely wonderful poem. I really liked it alot. It told a story and you are really gifted with words. Sincerely Yours, Donna