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Under The Moon Politics-Cauchy3
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Under The Moon Politics-Cauchy3

Arch to beams will not change powers.
Tales to be told close our eyes.
Could be loves on tricks to Rome.
Would be rooms are that are rarely to build the sky.

Full of distances we love our ways.
Treats are spoons and tricks are baits.
Real to honors are to switch our facts.
Balances of powers have no good eggs.

Bald eagles have weights on hairs.
Ball bearing is time slots.
Plutocracies are heavy grounds on airs.
But air blow up the wings to loss!

Loss a lot is on ways to landing.
A box is a house for honor classes.
A sense of periods is when winds are heavy.
There are acidic brains when dealers appear.

All measures tie up with stones.
Rap words are not good music.
Bay leaf is not moon flowers.
How to throw a coin to moon when it is under?
--Cheung Shun Sang=Cauchy3--

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