Under The Moonlight

Under this moonlight I know I have no chance with you,
You look at me with such sadness,
Those eyes put me under a spell,
A spell I can not break,
Such sorrow,
Under the moonlight,
You glow with such beauty,
Your smile,
Your laughter,
Your touch,
How I miss those,
My eyes feel with tears,
Such sadness,
You can not bare to ignore,
Under this moonlight,
You say I look beautiful,
You look at me as if we were to kiss under this moonlight,
I can feel your hands all around me,
You speak to me with soften words,
You wisper in my ears,
Under the moonlight,
You shine like the sun,
You made me happy till the day you left me with a broken promise,
A broken heart,
Under this moonlight,
I cried for you,
A soften words you can not hear,
Something that I rather leave behind,
Something you and I don't belong,
Under the moonlight,
We say our goodbyes.

by Jennifer Rondeau

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