Under The One Roof

That husband and wife live in the same house in old age of love is not proof
I know of two separated under the one roof
All love for each other long gone from the heart
Still living together but in truth apart.

In their latter seventies of them one might say
That they are two who have known a better day
Their oldest grandchild in his thirties and already turning gray
And time as the saying goes is ticking away.

They have not slept in the same bed for at least twenty years
And he goes to the pub and he has his few beers
And she goes to the bingo always on her own
And apart from each other 'twould seem they have grown.

She told me in confidence about her life
How for many years to him she was a good wife
Until he became grumpy a boring old fart
And his attitude towards her it prised them apart.

Why he changed for the worst she does not understand
When they went out walking they walked hand in hand
Now she does not cook for him or wash his clothes
Their flame of love quenched but that's life I suppose.

In the laws of man they are still man and wife
Though all of the tender feelings have gone out of their life
And not of until death do us part they are living proof
And they live separated under the one roof.

by Francis Duggan

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