Goodbye Cruel World

This poem is dedicated to all of you out there that have ever seriously considered committing suicide. I admit, being a sufferer of bi-polar depression, I'm lucky I'm still alive to this day. Keep your chin up. Life is too short for tears.

Goodbye cruel world,
I'm leaving you today,
goodbye, goodbye, goodbye......

Goodbye all you people,
there's nothing you can say,
to make me change my mind,

by XxAmieLee xX

Comments (2)

I have come back each day alone To see the old flowers obsess And hear the cicadas groan; I feel such a vague distress. I have nurtured my pastoral love Now that summer is back to see With the purple flowers above I am an amorous banyan tree. - - - - - - - - - - - -A wonderful love poem, thanks for sharing.
Beautiful love poem, well articulated and nicely penned from the heart. Lovely and very passionate, a smooth flow for joy. Thanks for sharing Nhuan.