(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Under The Radar [rev]

A colleague in tears, accused of over-abundant excellence
and daring to complete an assignment - accepting election
by the group to present their consensus on set questions -
and thus disgusted the lecturer - who took them to task for
assigning the only white person present to speak for them,
an insensitive way to deal with a sensitive problem

She must keep a low-profile in class, not catch the eye by
replying otherwise she's against transformation & how can
disadvantaged shine if wrong-coloured people excel - she
was pilloried by an accusing forefinger, 'You, ma'am, must
learn to stand back' - it's a shame when transformation is
the name of the game; but she must hide her light under a

Bushel, work for low marks like Audrey Hepburn in The Nun
who was told to fail tests - to save a jealous nun from sin as
envy eroded her sinful soul - although my colleague did very
well in tests it was those of African descent only receiving
congratulations - theirs is the only light allowed to shine in a
transformation which requires the only white person to fly

Under the radar…

by Margaret Alice Second

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