SS (4/15/1990 / albany, ny)

Under The Stars

Lying awake under the stars
Put in my sky by you
I'm hoping to fall asleep sometime
But my thoughts just don't want me to

I want you to just breathe out
So I can breathe you in
I'm hoping things will someday
Be this good, again

It feels so great to hold
The whole world in my hands
I need every inch of you
And I hope you understand

You can't leave me now
You have pulled me in too far
And I'll never be myself
Until I am where you are

I can remember that look in your eyes
It gave you completely away
And I even heard everything
That you didn't have to say

I love you now,
Just like I know I always will
And I hope you want
The same things as me, still

I cross my heart and bow my head
And send a prayer up above
I know that very soon
I will be the one you love

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