Under The Steady Rain

Walking under the steady rain
Struggling on this road full of pain
Seaching for a sunny land
Finding that place is what I've planned
A place full of peace with no rain and no thunder
no pain, no ' I wonder
if tomorrow will occur a bad weather
Please stready rain pour all over my face
so no one can realize
that there're tears coming out my eyes
and even if someone outgh to notice
he'll never care about one who cries
because when it is rainning like this
they only mind their own business
yes, it is true
in good time, they're stick to you
in bad time, they don't know you
when your heart is flooded out
and covered with dark clouds
to reach the sunshine, who'll breakthrough?
of whom will you be proud?
when you're on a lonely island,
who will come
for you? I mean, who will get through
a troubled storm
for you? who will swim accros an Ocean
for you? who will be that friend?
Under the steady rain
Who will walk, hand in hand, with you
I don't want to find that place anymore, I wish
I can find that friend that I will cherish
Under the steady rain

by Jof Lomb

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This was very very very Good. I love the rain one of my favorite quotes are 'I love to walk in the rain because noone can tell your crying' not word for word but you know what i mean which you described in your poem VERY Good!