(13th October 1961 / Accra, GHANA)

Under The Sun 2

If a man does not keep peace with his people,
He hears the sounds of a different drummer!
There is nothing new under the sun,
With our works seen everywhere on earth;
For Righteousness or, for Wickedness.

History! ! With the untold Stories of life;
Your Life,
My Life,
Past memories!
With the muse of our lives on earth.

To reach out to the world with your works,
To reach to the top with your muse;
To write till you are laid to rest,
To paint till you are laid to rest,
Best of life! !
Joy in your heart;
From the west,
Nest of love!
Facing the test of life today.

Under the beauty of the sky! !
Under the sun;
Like your school days and, my school days;
This world is the mirror before us! !
So, let us take us the truth and put things right.

Oh Crystal Ball far away from me!
With a wall to Climb,
To call in the truth,
Pall, mall, small, fall, stall!
Not at all.

To keep at peace with my people;
With the muse of the truth like a light in the dark!
More Stories to tell;
Bell of life!
Well of love,
The spell of wickedness! !
But to tell the truth;
Able to bring peace to the world.

A man who does not keep peace with his people hears the sounds of a different drummer! !
Changes and Challenges of life,
Hustle and bustle!
Struggling along with my works along the line;
Like the message found in the Bottle.

You've got heaven in your eyes! !
Out of Babylon to Zion,
The child of the soil!
Struggling all along,
With the muse of the truth,
Overcoming life with righteous morals.

Under the sun,
Sunshine Love from Africa!
Let the truth cover you with righteous works;
Able to live with righteous laws.

To write for others to learn,
To share my mind with the world!
From another Dimension with my Muse.

Tropical Plaza,
Tropical Peace,
Open your box and let me see your stuff;
At the Golden State Of Love,
Top! !
To hear the echoes of life;
With the message of the truth,
Able to stand upright.

The Knowledge of life,
The Wisdom of nature,
Wake up to the truth and live with righteous morals!
Sounds of peace and love,
With the muse of righteous laws.

Land of Beauty! !
Land of Gold;
Heart Of Gold to write out my mind,
To write out my muse,
To the world so sweet.

My heart,
Peaceful as the lake of love;
My mind,
Joyful as the river of romance;
Words and works,
To catch up to the world! !
To match along with the truth,
To watch my status!
For the mouth of

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