I Envy Our Human Ancestors

I envy our human ancestors though we've come a long way from the cave
They did not hunt with heavy powered rifles and to survive they had to be brave
I hope that today they are happy in that kingdom beyond the sky
They lived in a different World so different to you and I.

From the treacherous jungles of Africa their journey of conquest began
And they battled their way up the food chain the ancestors of modern man
And if they killed they killed for survival and they survived against all of the odds
So different to those who came after and they worshipped different Gods.

I envy our human ancestors of the guilt of sin they did not know
They killed creatures to eat them only and the pace they lived life at was slow
But the World they lived in it would seem was a better and a more peaceful place
They could not have realized their descendants would evolve
to a super race.

I envy our human ancestors they lived life in a simple way
Their achievement was their survival and we top the food chain today
We may have come far since the cave days but for progress a high price we pay
And the World we live in more dangerous than their World was sad to say.

by Francis Duggan

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If teachers would present poetry like this in the class room kids wouldn't hate it so much and PLEASE stop reading the cliche, over rated and over done poetry in the classroom.