Written by: Wilfred Mellers, June 19,2015

Must've been something I said
Or maybe something once I read
Shoveling crap to stay ahead
Or is it just something in my head

I walk with the living dead
True happiness through the front door fled
Life seems to be hanging on by a thread
Should've stayed in bed instead

Existence just doesn't make any sense
Curtains drawn adds to the drama and suspense
The music builds up the intensity
It all adds up to more insanity

Seldom found is clarity
So much pain and disparity
Humanity lacks any sincerity
Up for sale we sold our integrity

Could it all be just a dream?
It all floats down from upstream
Caught the eyes fixated on the high beam
Poison lay in the bloodstream

After taking a second look
The babies the wolves took
Thieves steal from crooks
Captured it all in your history books

As a Leif floated on a Brooke
A fish was caught on a fly hook
As the ground beneath my feet shook
I realized my meal was undercooked

by Wilfred Mellers

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