JC (August 24,1947 / Fort Worth, Texas USA)

Undercurrent With Ayler

before the most dismal of tragic days
the desperation-driven november dive
when in palaces and any dive where
open ears and searching minds let
ayler play, while in that brief time
the unaware were amidst glorious
soundings of a holy spirit still alive
some other specters receptive to
albert's love cry submerged our ills
in the healing waters drunken with
pathos spreading heaven's ferocious
gales for its herald in albert's aural air

adherents host a living trove of the holy
ghost - recorded evidence shows
those who heard well and accepted
his influence early when albert was on
this earth alive: close friend charles
tyler, his brother donald ayler, his
associate sunny murray amid other
kindred spirits - their numbers soaring
high skyward: carlos ward, frank wright,
don cherry, john coltrane, archie shepp,
joel friedman, lewis worrell, it goes on like
some frightfully beautiful and sacrificial song...

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