Underpaid Worker

Here am I with good cause for lament
For eighty dollars a day shovelling sand and cement
Shovelling sand and cement for eighty dollars a day
And on this day and age that must rate as poor pay.

The boss he has made it quite clear
That he doesn't want Workers Union in here,
He says if the men unionise he will close the works down
And where else could a man get a job in this town? .

Last week I asked him for a pay rise
And the answer he made me it did not surprise
He said there's nothing to stop you if you want to quit
For eighty dollars a day better men I can get.

He has ordered the foreman to sack
Any man who is inclined to slack
To keep the men working and going
And give them no chance to start slowing.

With a wife and two children to feed
It is money, more money I need
But with eighty dollars a day I must do
Because of men there are plenty and of jobs only few.

by Francis Duggan

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