LO (08/13/1945 / UTAH)

She Taketh No Synonym

She who hath answer next to none,
Yet has answer to every question,
She who tries to make no impression,
Still makes a long lasting impression.

The child of whose ever remains a child,
One that gave her right from birth varied pains,
Who, retains still a smile forever filed,
And which all through life unchanged remains.

One that may not have gone to school,
Nor ever known a word to read,
Can read still her child's every creed,
But knows still how with heart to rule.

Her child may hide behind her name,
But she would never do the same;
A noun that takes no synonym,
One that dwells in child's every dream,

She need wear no plumes of fine feather,
Known is she by the name of mother.
Musings | 15.05.2019 |
Topic: mother

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We all need a lift from the troubles in this world. Good meaning for all.
A great poem packed with wisdom and full of positivity. CP
very well written linda...a deep appreciation of the ups and downs like can throw at you i can identify with your emphesis on understand its more of an exasperated cry for assimilating the reality of life and existence very well done cheers an ten
oh, a wonderful poem indeed. Capturing the essense of life, the human impotence of understanding
A real life poetry which makes one to see through. Simply beautiful, Linda.......10/10.
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