TTT (1979-present / San Leandro)


Here I come again with vengeance
Upon the tyranny that attacks the defenseless
It's just recklessness
Without intelligence
Every lie that Fox News tells is irrelevant
There are always two sides of the fight
Only one is reported as right
analyze it for yourself
If you listen to just theirs it will ruin your mental health
It is completely biased
So try this
I guarantee it will change some of you
If you look at every view
I take a neutral standpoint
So what if I smoke a joint
It doesn't make me a bad person
So what if I'm cursin'
It doesn't make me a bad person
The innocent die because of one lie
I will not cry
But I will not justify
the actions they take
Just because there could be a twist in my fate
They'll come get me cause I'm preachin'
They do not like what I am teachin'
We go after Saddam
When we can blow up the world with a nuclear bomb
Who's the evil one
We want to hold onto the ability to murder
I hope somebody becomes a learner
We don't need the bomb
Listen to the words and keep calm
We can change it because we own the world
We who live in it can change the world
Do it before this war gets out of hand

by Theorem The Truth Serum

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