Poem By Simi Syko Killa Juggalette

have you eva laid on ur bed at nyt and just cried.
cried because your ugly, because your not good enough.
i counted all my flaws from head to toe.
to punish and fee worse about myself.
i cried because the comments people blurt out
actualy hurt my feelings.
i cried because my family is disfunctional
but im just a kid who kant do stuff about it.
you tel me to stop coplaining
that have t much better than the kids in america.
i dont want to be a burdan so i keep it bottled up.
around peope im the happiest ray of sunshine.
but nobody knows at nyt
when im alone in the dark
i break down and cry.
no matta how loud i laugh, im still not happy.
no matter how hard i cry, the sadness inside stil grows.
the more people love me, the more i feel empty.
i just need YOU to LOVE ME, for all the PAIN to go away.............

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It was an outstanding poem. Rich in imagery and style. Nice thoughts. I liked it very much. I voted it 10. Kindly read and also vote for my poem 'Abortion' on page 4.

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