Understand Age 5

Poem By Emily Wang

You're 5.
You hold your mom's hand as you walk across the street
and your mom says
don't look.
Out of curiosity
you take a peek behind you.
You don't understand.
You're all grown up now
you know reality is painful
and life is hard to hold on to.
You walk across the street alone
you're not that same curious child again.
You understand what you mom was trying to protect you from at age 5.

Comments about Understand Age 5

good poem with a deeper perspective. Read mine -Anger's Friend - Adeline
Emily, this is a very nice poem, very nicely and poetically written. I like the structure of the poem. If in some silent moments we can really try to get deep through to our soul, our soul knows all the truth and is there to guide us through every painful reality. The love a mother for a five year is great and we can cherish the moments and memories, but in the end reality is here for us to face. I hope all of us can retain a little bit of childhood curiosity. Behind the harshness of superficial reality there is often a treasure of goodness to be find, if we just can remain curious and determined to find it. Wow, you really got me thinking. I really like poems that provoke my thoughts like this.
What I got from this poem is that your not supposed to look behind or forward. Your just supposed live your live without worrying to much about what is gonna happen.

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