SC (14th September,1971 / Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Understand Your Life's Plan

When suffering hits you dear
Don't sit back, quit or mope
Walk and pray to the Lord
And look for the door of hope

Feel all the joy and pain
But then quickly get over it
Do not let your heartbreak
Or give up just bit-by-bit

Be content with all that you have
Show gratitude to your gracious God
Draw your own life's roadmap carefully
To understand your life's plan with the God

Set direction for your own life
Change perspective if you have to
But never give up on hope and care
Always see this prospective new

There may come times of suffering
There may be some days blue
So just stand up and talk to thy Lord
He loves you and will listen to you

Seema Chowdhury
January 6,2018

by Seema Chowdhury

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Very motivating lines...! ! ! It will help people to follow their own path of life. Inspiring one ! !