MW (09-09-89 / newark)


Can't you see the sadness in my eyes?
Do you even understand my reasons why?
I can't tell you how much it hurts
You turned your back and forgot me
I want you in my lfe but i fear
You won't try for me

I do need help
I really do
But i fear that would be asking to much of you
So i sit here and wonder
What to say
To help you understand
My ways
My reasons for making this decision
Our lives are always a constant collision

I know you won't agree
You'll say it's not best for me
But how would you know
When you haven't been here to see
You helped me make my life this way
Though i'm not blaming you
I just wanted to say
I hope you understand
I still love you and
Don't be afraid

by misty wright

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