AG (3-7-89 / Erie, PA)

Understanding Existance

Candle light flickering
from the corner of my eye
that really isn't there.
Am I really here?
Seeing is believing.
Faith, hope, love, and truth...
the happiness of these words
to survive,
to go on through life,
as if there was something
worth living for.
Diseased wasteland;
unfortunate lack of understanding
what the truth is
behind it all.
Ground breaking tortures
of the human mind,
are taken for granted.
Less is more than you can control.
Cease the moment
when there is truth
to gain.
Take advantage
of the moments you longed for.
Ignore the feeling of giving up.
You can make a difference,
if you really tired.
Regret will get you nowhere,
only your mistakes
will you lead you to a life
you can learn from.

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