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Understanding Reality
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Understanding Reality

Poem By JRose S

how can i explain myself
when i have yet to understand
i want nothing more
than for reality to make sense
everything happens for a reason
or so they all say
how can i believe it
knowing it all leads to pain
will it make me stronger
this i can't see happening
for thus far it's only broken me
tears fall
scars appear
both can be seen as well as unseen
feeling alone
with everyone close by
nothing makes sense
reality is your daily joke
proving only one thing
lies control who we are
truth breaks us all
fear becomes us
hope is all we have
yet we seemingly lose
just when we found it again
all i want
is for reality to make sense

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Comments (2)

Reality is personal, and can only make the sense that we give it. If it is not what you wish, then wish for something different. If, as they say, we create our own reality, then why not recreate it? It's never too late to break the pattern that isn't working. Nice contemplative piece of writing. Linda
I love you poem...I give you a 10. If you have time you should chek out my poem 'Have you ever felt like...'. Tell me what you think.