CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

Understanding The Barrier In Love

A shadow lingers between the two,
Not quite a shadow, still I have no clue.
Not quite as strong, a force no less,
There it seemingly lingers, neither to curse nor bless.

Summoning its power, when hope reaches hope,
Restraining two desires, yet keeping love afloat.
It never keeps back hints though, enjoying the subtle act,
Flexing its muscles when the climax is close, staying true to its dutiful pact.

It plays around quite horridly, leaving no stench behind,
Testing patience patiently, it never leaves a sign.
It gives either one time to think though, with realisation it weakens.
Can be quite complicated, quite often so, when logic itself deepens.

The two are made to stand alone, one not as balanced as the other.
Realisation must quicken, the force cannot forever bother.
Understanding more than feeling love, the float must submerge.
Soaked with realisations deep, the truth must immerge.

I see the force as it really is, a heavenly gift no less.
To instill balanced understanding, it has come with divine authority to bless.
Two have come to realise, what love is that love never felt like.
Two meet again, bound forever in true loves delight.

Copyright © Christian Eliab Ratnam 2008

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Dedicated to my best friend and brother in Christ, Nathanael Johannes Ta Wei Dejong.