Understanding The Pains Of Sacrifice (Dedicated To Syrian Refugee Crisis In Europe)

Where is the horizon for those who come
with children in their wombs or bosoms?
where is their sleep when their homes
which they have left behind
have been exploded by bombs?
where is the fate when their own faith
has become their enemy and made them run?
how they rush with unknown expectations
to any gates, any doors, any shores, any shelters?
will the cold winter give them respite to survive
or will the snow freeze their beating hearts?
how could you ask them to come amidst their wrath
and then forget they came to you in gladness of hope
that you will feed them, clothe them, shelter them?
but now as many and many keep arriving
how can the natives sacrifice their land,
their homes, their own food and warmth, to others
when they themselves need it
for their own generations?
as this is their space on this earth
which they have preserved,
which they have valued and held with preciousness
for their own children to exist and to enjoy;
for life and love has its own parameters,
its own acceptance and sacrifice
and its own offerings and restraints.

by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

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A fair and sober minded writing. For each action or inaction affects another. You illustrate the plight as seen from different perspectives which is rare. Thank you for sharing.