Undivided Attention Given

I can understand,
Someone doing the best they can
To succeed.
With a feeling of a need,
That leaves another to find...
An initiative that inspires,
Time to give that sacrifices...
Temptations awaiting.
As if used as traps.
And setback devices.

I can also understand,
Having impatience.
To less tolerate,
Those procrastinating...
What they claim to wish.
And want to get,
on a daily basis.
To not move a muscle,
That has left...
A permanent imprint cemented.

Some have it made.
And not aware,
Just how much they are blessed.
While others are aware of it,
But want to prove to God...
What they have been given,
Provides little rest to get.
Because for them...
They want to show to God,
To know...
Experiencing life,
Is not an opportunity...
To take for granted.
Or bore God with the making,
Of the same excuses everyday.
Like a child made spoiled,
By a loving, caring...
And overly protective parent.
Always there giving,
Undivided attention...
While listening to every single
Creative complaint.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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