Undomesticated Violence Ii

Back to my Safe Place in less than seven days
My body still aches, though the night is still a haze
Once the Devil left, back came the nice man
The Monster He commanded turned back to a van
But He was still my master; He made that point clear
(From now on, things will be different around here)
But it was the dope that made Him temporarily sane
Even I know the Devil will be back again

The impermanent van pulls us up in the lot
I put my feet on the ground, and cringe like I’m shot
My toes are yet to heal from that awful night
And my dark purple face feels like a wreckage site
The man sees my pain and asks if I’m okay
I respond with a yes (for what more can I say?)

Young eyes stare at my frightening new face
They gawk at my nose, and my pinkie in a brace
They ask me no questions, though what happened is clear
Even though they think He is not the one to fear

The ruler of my Safe Place asks me where I’ve been
He asks me what happened and how I got the cuts all over my skin
But I just bite my tongue and hold my breath
And force myself to stay as silent as death
Even though the truth is screaming to be let out
The reality is just too dark to let past my mouth

Ring after ring, eyes stare in aghast
And I start to wonder how much longer it will last
How much time must pass before I see my mom?
The army can make people seem so far gone
Will she ever come back and see me in this shape?
And if she doesn’t survive, will it all just be fate?
These troubling thoughts drive me to tears once more
And I’m forced to retreat behind the bathroom door

by Chris Haifley

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