MC ( / Isles of Scilly living in Barbados)


I am undone. unraveling between the stars
those distant points in time and space
so vast I’ve lost my edges
can’t pull myself together this time
I am undone
it happened slowly
over years of watching Lassie
ET’s heart light flaring
Quincy’s wheel chair riders
storming the Capitol;
to give the orphan drugs
they need so much a home
I am undone, tumble of limbs
in sweet post coital sweat
like jasmine in the night
undoing buttons in my tee shirt
which were never there
but life has drawn these zippers
on my skin that open me
fillet me like razors
boning flying fish
to keep them earthbound
they open all the doors and locks
where I have laid the treasures
of my life and let them float away
I am undone, surrendering my will
to the strong demands of Spirit
I agreed to before I took
a headlong rush
into this world
the first abyss
where now I face the second
and must give back all the toys
I have collected on the way
and the wide, wide space
between the stars echoes with goodbyes
as I am undone.

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Damn gorgeous MC - always love to see a posting of yours. This one didn't disappoint, imagery sublime... HG: -) xx