Power Of Corruption

In the corrupt countries, like mine
positioned officials trade on rules,
Sell convenience, earn bad money
abuse positions, make system fool.

Bureaucrats, police, politicians
think mighty, do things above law;
make money for their lavish living
near and dear also, they reward.

People pay bribe to get work easy
and face minimum harassment;
Officials accept for lavish needs
and to make their living decent.

Authority’s laxity, indifference,
complex rules, no transparency;
give officials chance to exploit
innocence, difficulty, urgency.

They relax rules for received bribe
for granting work, quota, license;
avoidance of punishment or fine
evading tax and Govt. payments.

Scammers, black money earners
grab resources, depriving the mass;
capture power and manipulate
to force higher price, by poor class.

Deputed to defend law and people;
to the citizens ought to be good.
But hidden outlaw rob their money;
are ‘the white collared Robin Hood’.


Comments (2)

Undone......how i like the way you wrote it Daniel. Someday, i hope, you'll done whatever is stuck in your heart. Wan
Saying goodbye to a loved one and actually meaning it may be two different things, as you have shown in this well-written and enjoyable poem. Love, Fran xx