Undress For Sweet Love

You were a stranger when we met
You gave me a friendly smile
I was at ease with you
I listened to you
We agreed
were part of another's destiny
Or better said my lost rib
Faith and hope filled our days
And made promises like gods to each other
Then came a time
With our friend celebrated
Our union
In the name of God
We made and signed a covenant
That we are in love
Why then are your cloths still on?
You will not turn to me
Because you say
I do not care
Then you give me a document
To blot away our vows
If only we can undress our hearts
Our love will be like heaven
We will not hurt our seed
Nor raise up a hateful generation
If we undress our hearts
For each to see through
When we encounter some darkness
We'll share our life in the light of love
When we undress for sweet love

by Charles Kanyuga

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Nice stuff Charles....... m getting addicted to your work....