From the first page I open to the book of life
Written in fluently opulent language of:
A fleeting cloud and crisis-ridden sky
In cries of hues and halos
The milkyway beyond our horizon suspends the moon
That rules the spheres after noon.
And the sun accentuating power of the day
As dawn gives way for the reign of the morn.
The gigantic trees dwarfing the toppling heights
And mighty ones defying the winds
The vast desert and deep valleys from great loft,
Fleeing rocks beside imposing architectural mounts:
Embedded in thick forests and jungle wild and wide
Beneath them silent waters runs deep
And mighty blue ocean rushes and gushes,
Deep red sea furiously fumes at nothing.
The fountains from the heights run, splash, flow
And fall down the drain and plain

All on the pages of unedited nature
Unspoken language that resounds in all worlds.

by ifedayo oshin

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