Unending Rackets

We all participate,
In the funding of unending rackets.
Schemes to release,
Every dollar from our pockets.
With a nonstop teasing,
Of what could be had...
If we came up with the cash.
Or max out our credit.
Until the score of it is bad.
To then think of someone,
Who is corrupt with criminal intent.
Does this illegally.
Since legally the government,
Takes away from us a percentage...
Of what we earn.
To not tell anyone,
Exactly where that money goes.
Or if it had been wisely spent.
As we listen to those,
Who suppose to represent their constituents...
Dressed to impress in expensive clothes.
Explain why higher taxes,
Are needed to close loopholes.
To explore other rackets.
That will enable them to take advantage,
Of unknown and secretive...
Money grabbing brackets.
And this is freedom of capitalism at its best.
Exclusively socialized.
But claimed to despise,
If it should become inclusive.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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