FA (15/02/1982 / )

Unequal Distribution Of Blessings

When day breaks from the womb of heaven,
Only clairvoyants can tell what it holds.
The packages it brings us are uneven,
And are hidden to even eyes without blindfolds,

Cocooned in each day is birth and death,
Fortunes and misfortunes, wear and tear,
Distributed unjustly around the earth,
And no man dares to question his share.

The heaven seem fair with its sun and rain,
The same degree comes to the poor and the rich,
But how fortune is shared who can explain?
To one a lorry load, to the other a little pinch.

The economy of heaven, is capitalist in nature;
The unequal sharing of blessings and talents-
Is undoubtedly a celestial culture;
As some are given one, others two and three talents.

by Frank Adie

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A very perceptive write, beautifully crafted. I agree with this piece. Yes, there is unequal distribution of blessings which ultimately result to the widening gap between the rich and the poor.10