Poem By Corey Baker

His insides were abortion leftovers,
his mind was full of perverts and killers,
his father undressed him and, in turn, sentanced him.

Drugs were made of diamonds, the safety in numbers failed.
Living in the lie of a god, he compared his sins, and made him think.
His fault lied cheifly within, and without it, his contempt rose.

In all apathy, his empathy grew.Never again did he pray.
The Thorns of Life fell upon him.
And he bleeds for it.

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Hearing the voice of their own god,
it must be a pleasure,
to feel his presence and indulge his treasures.

A Destruction Of Humanity

Remorse is a believer, face the quiet titles
Lust has overgrown and noticed,
only by readers of the bible,

Librium Hoax

Greatful numbness, powers are sedated,
my mind is exploding and I don't care.
No one watches me, I can't hear them now,
But soon, they will return to haunt me once more.


Smoke blows into my booklungs, filling
my intestines with grease. At ease I sit,
never wanted my persona to end, but it has.

Man With A Mask On

Playing with a corpse, the man cries.
His tears run blood down his mask, steamed hot
and eveloped wrought, the man lays his toy down.


Damaged stares are smoking the waterfalls
Focused pain creates moods
Needles of faith, Empires of rust
Martyrs are buried, insanity lost