Unethical Beauty

Is the pursuit of beauty
A woman's duty?

Is a breast augmentation
A womanly obligation?

Does the botox injection
Assure us of affection?

With lips like a fish
Is it a better kiss?

Can men no longer see the spark
Within their woman's heart?

That stands her out from the rest
How many times does she need to pass the test?

Let's get off this merry-go-round
Be firm and stand our ground.

Too many fat bald men in this world
What the hell are we running for girls?

Let them do the nips and tucks
For women this treatment sucks.

Be happy with the person you are inside
And wear those wrinkles with shining pride!

Copyright Shirley Woods 28/6/10

by Shirley Woods

Comments (2)

what a ethical presentation of this unethical beauty... 'Is the pursuit of beauty...woman's duty? ...beauty is a deceit because it fades away with time... I honestly love this...keep writing...I will love to read your thought about my poems too...
I really liked this :)