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You came along when I needed someone most.
You listened where no one else would.
You made me feel like someone cared.

I told you my secrets even though I don't trust
I looked forward to talking to you every night
I became attached to you from the first time we spoke

We have been through a lot these past few months
We always seem to persevere and overcome the odds
We love and respect one another

You are the best friend I have ever had
You know me better than anyone else
You are the dearest person in the world to me

I still can't believe I am in your heart
I can't wait to see you again
I miss you every single day

We both dream of the future
We know that future will come
We know that it is worth waiting for

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I can relate to your feeling filled words i too have found myself waiting on the one i love most. its a great poem