Unexpected Dependency

My life used to move on my time
I was once able to be my own happiness
I never needed someone else to make me feel alive
And now that you’re gone I feel I could die

I never expected you could do this to me
I never thought it was you that I’d need
But now that I feel your absence from me
I feel my happiness bleeding from me

I know that I need you here with me
By my side holding me
Knowing that you love me
I have discovered an unexpected dependency

by Guarded Heart

Comments (2)

So true to ponder, we often settle for what settles us Very well said G.H. Love duncan X
Welcome the The Hotel California of ungaurded love GH. It is kind of addictive and very hard to leave without paying in fulllol A thought provoking write. Smiling at you, Head Receptionist! lol Tai