Unexplained Interpretations

Poem By Paul Andrew Bourne

In thee I created me
without form,
an evolution that transcended a reality
that brought this form to which I speak -
from mere objectification I gave significance
without the mythology of existence, life
it's a beauty in its own existence, and
it's a pleasure to know, that which is unexplained -
the morrow
I confessed to thee that -
I opened me to learn, what
folly it seemed, but
even folly has it puzzle -
the unexplained experiences

I'm confounded by confrontation,
I'm lost with a compass in hand,
I'm petrified by the unexplained explanations
of the scholars that I've met
I'm delimited by the doctrine of theirs -
wanting to explain the unexplained
why can I not just
unfold with time
like the wind
yet its aura - is in its unexplained explanations
that of its scientific explanations
or is it
as it has more unexplained explanation
like life that thrills me to numbness

I buried me with the unexplained, unexplained
as a scientist I searched the wild
for the epistemological modes
but it's like a flower that blossoms in its season
and explain the flower and not the unexplained bloom
for it's a season we explain, but
the unexplained is more grueling than the explained
its life's unexplained that fascinates the explained
we create the ‘intrigue'
another unexplained in the explained
that our burden, my being of unexplained
I know, yes I know
but the mistake I make increase with knowledge
yes we know,
or what intrigues is the unexplained explained
I, we, worry to know, yet we know not

what is man -
a composition of unexplained explained
a folly
molded in dialectic, irony and deceit
but delimited by the unexplained
he, no she,
yes both
are products of more unexplained experiences
that explain social theories
it's a series of series with a series of unexplained explanations
but still the majority of the explained resides
in the unexplained -
that's why I search for that explained, unexplained

I live with the unexplained -
through this I seek explanation
I bury me with the unexplained
it's rope around my groin
that weighs the unexplained measure
If I had a script of me
or I had the unexplained tabled on stone
I would have explained the unexplained
with reliability or would I prefer validity
I dread the unexplained, but fear the explained
as it's within this that they unexplained the explain

It is not the unexplained that I dread
but it's the unexplained explanations

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