(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfair Assessment

Imitated creativity,
Can not be compared...
To that which is fresh.
And innovatively breathtaking.
Although first rejected,
As going against the status quo
You know,
Those opposed...
To differences of appearances.
Until profits become for some,
An adventure to squeeze...
For themselves benefit,
Spotted to pocket.
It's the American way,
Of being entitled.
With the taking of credit,
From another who invents.
But not mentioned when,
Attention is given.

'Look at me.
And all that I've done.'

-Who provided the back,
For you to stand on?
Or the path you found to be,
Already paved.
You're no different than others
Who have auctioned off,
The activities done...
And performed by slaves.
While you receive,
Undeserved accolades.-

So unfair and unjust,
Is your appalling assessment...
Of my endeavors to acquire.
And my life to invest.'

-I know.
Almost as original,
As this act you perform.
If anyone is deserving,
Of anything...
It is me.
I deserve a finder's fee.
For what I see,
That apparently others...
Can not.
I applaud your deception.-

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