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Unfairly Hated
RB (1979 / Calgary)

Unfairly Hated

Poem By Robert Brendan

Starbucks no
the activist mantra goes
unfairly traded
just by walking into
the place you are
burning forests
and bashing cute little
heads in
with clubs
the same clubs
that oppress some invisible
of workers who are all noble
down to earth
beautiful people
that have been given
the raw deal
because our joe
our coffee
my magma

but this place isn’t so bad
the people who work here
aren’t so bad
and sure
a cup of coffee costs
five bucks
is that really so bad?
they even have a sign
that says their coffee is
fairly traded
whatever that means
and that their milk is
so no hormones
no mutant cows
there's a tim hortons across
the street
truly Canadian
but the activist crowd
doesn’t make clever plays
on their logo
or protest their practice
or write letters to progressive
activist magazines with
crud art direction
moaning about the jazz
and do you know why
I spent five bucks on
this coffee instead of
the street
to tim hortons
and getting one
for one

because it's closer
and I'm lazy

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