(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfamiliar With Active Listening

An aggressive understanding,
That one presents and comprehends...
May come to offend some,
Unfamiliar with active listening.
To become more distracted,
By one's tone and delivery of the truth.

'Are there any objections,
To what has been said?
You with your hand raised.'

~I particularly did not like,
Your remarks made...
About how some people,
Are not interested in establishing...
Lasting relationships.
But are more interested,
In the value of things.~

'And you...
Heard those words from me? '

~I think so.
What did you say? ~

'What I said was...
Some people pretend,
To be interested in other people...
Only if what's being said,
Is about them and nothing else.'

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