(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Unfamiliar With It

The most difficult thing to do,
For one in a leadership position...
And is capable to lead,
Is to show an accountability witnessed...
But not from this one is it believed!

With aptitude to accept responsibility.
And the people represented are so unfamiliar with it.
They denounce the ability of this leader.
Since he performing duties of one...
They had never before seen.
So assured of himself...
They feel demeaned.

And they are stunned.
The people represented are so unfamiliar with it.
Especially coming from someone,
Labelled 'this one'.

And believe they do with false perceptions,
A true leader should be waving a magic wand.
Since then from them...
All their troubles would be gone.

And the one chosen in their hour of need...
Has not proven worthy,
To produce the magic they expect.
Not the magic they perceive.

So blame and accuse him they do,
For being human too!
Having his feet to get wet.
And not showing a sign,
Of being able to walk on water.
They turn their backs on him to shun in regret.

This has left them disgruntled and vocally upset!
They protest his leadership.
With claims he doesn't represent what they should get!
And he knows if he should leave...
They would be left to profusely bleed.

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