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Unfilled Void

'There is a void inside my heart.
As of the untrue broken art. 
There are myth's I live by. 
Like In a blue sky i could fly. 
There is nothing with which I could explain. 
That why my idleness feels like fain. 
There in my heart is an unexplainable pain. 
No words could make sence. 
Nor will my actions speaks the same. 
In a slowly rhythmic beats I train. 
To keep my heart and soul, impact with my brain. 
But this is not what I needed. 
The evil is much more of what I deeded.
What of those frosty autumn leafs. 
Foggy path filled with darkest streaks. 
As the droplets in the silince which speaks. 
In a slowly longest path I dwell therein. 
There is a void inside me, I am fearing. 
A part of me got evicted by the evil I feed. 
There is no pure light to show me heed. 
In me there is no hope, for there is no greater deed.
Every frosty autumn, foggy darkest streaks. 
Keep compelling me to walk through you. 
In the cryptic silince there was someone too. 
The moon less night will give no noon.
Nor will the heart of the sea will drought soon. 
There is a void inside my heart. 
What should I fill it with, all that left is fright. 

by Syed Anas Hussaini

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