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Poem By Peya Jakob

My dearest darling, my sweetheart,
i write to tell you, u have my heart.
And also to say that,
i failed to love you, i fell apart.
You remember our song to which we listened,
and how the words caused our hearts to be quickend,
and how the world seemed more beautiful, enlivened,
with every word you spoke i was enchanted.
And how you looked so beautiful,
how your scent and manner was wonderful,
and how your eyes said i love you,
and mine said i love you too.
And how i wanted to live this life for you alone
be yours and call you my own,
you promised to be the one i lean on,
but now i fall because you are gone.
The day you left i felt diminished,
i had a tower built around you, it was demolished,
all my life, love died, it was abolished,
And when i died i left my life unfinished.

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Peya, I love this because your title jells so wonderfully with the closing lines. I love this because you write with a bleeding heart where you write six times 'how' you adore your sweetheart. I love this because you are a sensitive poet with a gift for words such as these. Karin Anderson