Poem By Yuji Baba

Drowning in the melancholy of youth
I look up and I feel I can touch the sky
Watching the sun melt into the bleeding horizon
There is no one left but me and the moon

The park has become a circus of shadows
You said to meet here but I can’t stop walking
Taking one misplaced step after another
I’d be safer walking over broken glass

The distant stars come out to judge me
Yet I can’t help but feel pathetically alone
Above the clouds swirl into a hushed frenzy
The trees lurch whilst whispering my name

Stepping out onto the main road
The wind bursts onto my face
Silence blares into my ears
And suddenly the night becomes alive

I take a moment to wonder where I’m walking
Before heading down a neon drenched street
Here I go running from my problems again
You do love the girl I’ve become right?

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